About Thought Leadership Studio Podcast:

About the Thought Leadership Studio Podcast

Thought Leadership Studio is an ongoing workshop in positive mass influence.

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Thought Leadership StudioFrom a certain perspective, you can consider Thought Leadership Studio an ongoing workshop in positive mass influence. The always-evolving method called the Thaut Process of Strategic Thought Leadership draws from NLP, Systems Thinking, Game Theory and Mythic Archetypes (as per Jungian Psychology).

That's not all the podcast is, though, so read along for what else.

In the podcast, I aim to help the listener access their creative inspiration and harness it to design Strategic Thought Leadership that empowers their audiences, prospects, customers, and followers with high-level influence and learning.

The Rabbit Hole of Thought LeadershipMy intention is to make this both accessible and deep by presenting the learning in layers. Episodes will have simple, memorable "take-aways" for conscious learning along with more advanced skills-building integrated for those who wish to take a deeper dive, sometimes via supporting media on this website.

I want you to have both a fast experience of success with simple ideas and examples you can put into practice immediately and, for the highly motivated, access to resources for more advanced Strategic Thought Leadership. The rabbit hole goes deep but you can also find a few Easter eggs with a quick skim of the meadow. And it's a bright, beautiful sunny day here, so just having a casual walk to smell the flowers and listen to the birds sing is enjoyable.

Einstein and riding on a light beamYes, exactly: this should be fun. Thought Leadership Studio focuses on the creative aspect. So, this is more like play than work. This is more like when Albert Einstein daydreamed about riding on light beams while looking out the schoolroom window than it is like learning calculus. Let's take an imagination journey to the far corners of our collective mindscape to find the "hidden human reserves" Psychologist-Philosopher William James referred to in his famous essay "The Energies of Men".

As musicians and artists know, tapping into the never-ending fountain of your creativity to express it outwardly is intrinsically rewarding. Speaking of which...

The Feast that is the Thought Leadership Studio Podcast is also spiced with

  • A smattering of original instrumental rock music as thematic background and transition interludes.
  • A savory dusting of occasional dry humor... after all, both humor and innovation are built from perspective shifts.

Thought Leadership Studio also aims to be an ongoing examination of the dynamics of mass influence. Let's include in our adventure an investigation of how the belief systems that form humanity's consensual reality are shaped. Let's together discover how, like the tide, they can come and go. Let's also explore the strategic interventions that can assist their coming and going to create the tipping points for topics as mundane as leading an audience to better appreciate what is special about a product or as grandiose as better enabling mass movements such as the cause of individual liberty or feeding the world's hungry.

Let's include interviews and analyses of shining examples of thought leadership to expand our ideas by modeling what is useful from the best and brightest in order to help bring your own personal vision more fully to life.

Let's consider the dynamics of paradigms: how to create them, shape them, and lead people to adopt them.

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Your Host Chris McNeil

Your Host Chris McNeil

NLP Master, Innovation Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Strategic Thought Leadership Coach/Consultant, Marketing Wizard, and Musician.