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Strategic Thought Leadership Services

Choose from a flexible range of services to bring the benefits of Strategic Thought Leadership to yourself or your business, organization, media channel or professional practice.

The Thought Leadership program helped transform our messaging in the marketing and sales process. - John Mulvey, founder

NLP-Based Executive Coaching

If you are an entrepreneur, organization leader, founder, coach, consultant, CEO, or influencer, then investing in yourself as a Strategic Thought Leader with NLP-based coaching can be your highest impact investment. Make your best day happen every day and put any limitations in your past as your see and feel yourself as a peak performer, everywhere you like and particularly in thought leadership. Provided 1-on-1 over Zoom on a very limited basis by founder and Master NLP Practitioner Chris McNeil. There currently is an opening for one new coaching client.

Strategic Thought Leadership Consulting

Considering a Strategic Thought Leadership approach as part of your next marketing campaign? Want to build out you or your team's marketing capabilities? Like the NLP-based executive coaching, the consulting, provided by NLP & Systems Thinking expert and founder Chris McNeil, can be 1-on-1 but can also be applied to assisting a marketing or sales team in thought leadership integration from an advisory, strategic, coaching or training role. It can also draw from NLP and Systems Thinking for training your team in marketing strategy, high-impact content creation, and influence techniques to increase rapport, closing ratio, and sales.

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Fractional CMO Services

Need a part-time, high-impact CMO for your mission-oriented startup or growing business? Want a seasoned marketing pro with decades of experience and highly specialized skills in NLP, Systems Thinking and Entrepreneurship without the accompanying full time annual salary plus benefits?

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NLP-Based Content Writing

Strategic Thought Leadership provides a powerful "Back-Story" to a content campaign that gives it focus, clarity, and power. And it is the ability to use Neuro-Linguistics in content writing that enables bringing the Thought Leadership adventure, along with its potential for breakthrough growth and sales, fully to life online for your business.

There are a number of levels of NLP-Based Content Writing services available, from Thought Leadership ghost writing to bring your unique thinking to life in print to providing training and support to a content team that wants to grow in their influence skills. Describe your project and/or needs in the form below to begin to explore possibilities together.

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