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If, at the halfway point of the first session**, we are both not feeling great about it being a big win for you to move forward, then we will stop the session at that point and I will refund 100% of your fee. You can opt out 30 minutes into the first session for any reason or no reason at all***.

Obviously, or maybe not, I am setting the stage for breakthroughs that are meaningful to you or your organization. These system conditions are for your maximum value extraction from the coaching and consultation. Prepare for liftoff.
I am looking forward to working together!
Chris McNeil
PS: If you have not already, please read the FAQs on Strategic Thought Leadership Coaching and Consulting

The Thought Leadership program helped transform our messaging in the marketing and sales process. By structuring the conversation about next level up values we were able to talk about the big picture of the organization and how our service helps support that. - John Mulvey, founder Digital Echo

Of the many professionals I've had the pleasure of working with over the years, Chris is easily the most skilled at detecting trends, working with his clients to intersect major opportunities in the marketplace, and developing communications and marketing strategies that realize those opportunities. Added to his success as a business owner ...Simply nobody better, in my honest opinion, than Chris to pioneer such important and (literally) influential work." - Boyd Stough / Founder / Espy Revenue

Who This is For and What It Can Do For You or Your Organization

Why hire a Strategic Thought Leadership Coach-Consultant before your next ad, PR or content marketing campaign?
How to know if working together is right for you?

A world of money- ad spending

Are You Planning A PR, Marketing or Ad Campaign?

Why hire a Strategic Thought Leadership Coach and Consultant instead of, or before hiring an agency? There are multiple reasons it will help you get a better return out of your marketing going forward, including maximizing any agency or ad campaign ROI. First, it's a clean and leveraged role. Our business structures put marketers and agencies "down the hierarchy" from leadership. Conversely, the coaching and consulting role is more of a relationship between equals. Of course, the leader is the paying customer, but what the customer is paying for in this case is the degree of positive impact that requires, among other things, working on the level of mental models .. on their views of the world. This is called "double loop learning" in Systems Thinking. This doesn't happen through hierarchical relationships, but is one of the benefits effective coaching - at least in my model - can provide.

Out of the frame.

Finding Deeper Layers of Hidden Potential

Realize marketers and advertisers, with all the best intentions, might feel they have to sell to your expectations to get the business and so work within the frame of your assumptions. But breakthroughs come from outside the frame of our mental models. That doesn't mean I claim to replace successful leaders' mental models with my own. It's more about facilitating ever more powerful states of excellence including helpful shifts in perspective so they find the breakthroughs themselves… or, through a process of mutual discovery. Do you remember a particular moment of inspiration that led to a positive change? And by helping from a clean position with no financial interest in where they spend their marketing budget in a high level coaching role including modeling or exceeding the best aspects of the best examples of Strategic Thought Leadership


Identify as The Leader

I can work with an individual or organization, shifting between the modes of coach and consultant with enough flexibility to allow for the emergent. Sometimes this is where we can find the insights of an "aha" moment, like my realization that leveraging my background in NLP and Systems Thinking with the Coach/Consultant role in Strategic Thought Leadership gives great leverage in both developing thought leaders to empower their marketing and leadership breakthroughs and facilitating successful Strategic Thought Leadership campaigns that build captivated audiences, move market segment thinking and create sales breakthroughs. I am also grateful this aligns with my personal passion of helping others develop their potential. Remember a time when you had a powerful breakthrough? If you could relive it again, re-immerse into what was happening as if it happening now, and see, hear, and feel what you were experiencing then ... even breathing the same way ... how would doubling this feeling and focusing it on building and empowering an appreciative audience make things different?

Guiding Light

Insight. Inspiration. Impact.

Strategic Thought Leadership Coaching/Consulting is closer to Sports Performance Coaching than (my observation of what was labeled) Life Coaching in that there is a specific skillset and structure as well as a negotiated path to success. In general, the format is to improve performance in 3 key areas: Insight, Inspiration, and Impact. These 3 complementary angles apply to both Inner and Outer Strategic Thought Leadership. Speaking of which, the balance between developing Strategic Thought Leadership capability and bringing a successful campaign to life is unique to each client and project. Regardless, this "triple perspective" approach is balanced and highly effective. If you are motivated and in a position where there's leverage, then let’s get on Zoom and connect. Schedule a money-back guaranteed first consultation with me with the form below.

I learned so much and I now have a whole new perspective on how to put my business out there in a way that draws exactly the right clients.-Dianne Shaver, Pitch U, The Art of the Pitch
Before you schedule, please review FAQs on Strategic Thought Leadership Coaching and Consulting.

*Required advance payment of $1k USD via Paypal or Credit Card. Coaching/Consultation over Zoom is $1,000 per hour, paid when scheduling.
**I will set an alert to stop the session at that point to check in on it.
***The only caveat is, if you opt out of the first session at 30:00 in for the full refund, you cannot hire me in the future.

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