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Your Host Chris McNeil

NLP Master, Innovation Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Strategic Thought Leadership Coach/Consultant, Marketing Wizard, and Musician.

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Chris McNeil, Host of Thought Leadership StudioPlease let me introduce myself as your host. I am Chris McNeil, a Strategic Thought Leadership coach and consultant.

I bring to the table credentials in entrepreneurship, influence, coaching and innovation, including multiple national and regional awards for innovation in websites and new technology in the fitness and wellness business.

There I also gained 20+ years experience coaching and coaching coaches in what grew to a multiple location personal training studio business that used a motivation and behavior modification model based on Neuro-Linguistics and Sports Psychology.

It wasn't just about fitness. For those who let themselves be open to it, it was also a path to greater self mastery by learning to evoke a state of confident expectation of success and focus it on progressively higher steps of exercise performance achievement and mastery of new, healthier lifestyle habits.

I saw this generalize into other achievements and higher overall confidence for many of the over 2,000 clients we served, and that positive impact on peoples' lives was the most personally satisfying aspect of that phase of my career.

I sold the training center business (along with software I had developed) to friendly competition in 2008 to both make time for more personal creativity in music and to change fields and leverage the award-winning motivational technology in the marketing arena.

As a marketing consultant and digital agency owner, I orchestrated marketing programs that created breakthrough results for various businesses, in some cases doubling market share, in others rendering competition essentially “invisible”, in others creating triple digital annual sales growth. I have extensive training and experience in NLP and Design Human Engineering, achieving the Master Practitioner level by training with multiple leading experts including one of the co-founders of the field.

Chris and his team have done a remarkable job for us that has resulted in a significant increase in customer leads. -
Daniel Mahoney, Senior Partner, Broadmoor Business Consultants

I draw from this with what some have called innovative ways to use excellence modeling, accelerated learning, and the structure of the language of influence in sales and marketing.

I am also a musician and have served as guitarist and composer/songwriter in underground art-rock bands such as The Splendid Ego Ranchers, Put Tudy on the Train, Shotgun Joe & the Emerald Leghumpers, and Air Sculptures. My musical side has led me to discover that art has much to offer business from angles like accessing inspiration for game-changing ideas and nonlinear problem solving.

I am available for a limited number of coaching-consulting clients - individuals or organizations - for helping develop more Strategic Thought Leadership. The coach-consultant role both best leverages my strengths and could be your highest point of leverage for accelerating success, marketing breakthrough engineering and exponential audience and sales growth.

"Such an amazing and creative way to help figure out how to make what you do and what you want to give and share with the world successfully. Chris and his team have “thaut”fully and creatively created something really unique to help people market themselves and their brand better, so that they can reach the people they want to reach and beyond." - Kimi Hugli

But, it isn't about me - you just need to know enough to know I can help you - it's about you, and what I can do for you or your organization.

If you are an entrepreneur, founder, influencer, organization leader, or top-level salesperson or marketer, the coaching-consultation model could be the best way to get to the next stage or maybe even skip a few stages with a quantum leap.

Through 5th Level Web, I can also bring in full-service digital agency resources to build and promote your thought leadership media to any level of campaign.

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About the Thought Leadership Studio Podcast

About the Thought Leadership Studio Podcast

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