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The Time Machine Thought Experiment

Episode Three: Thought Experiments to Stimulate Creativity: The Time Machine


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I recently wrote a "meta post" consolidating instructions for 4 Thought Experiments for creativity I am familiar with: 4 Thought Experiments to Enhance Creativity.

Since these types of mental journeys lend themselves well to the podcast format, I asked my wife what her favorite was out of the four, and she said "The Time Machine!". So it's unanimous :) hence this episode as a deeper dive into the Time Machine Thought Experiment. It expands on it, while providing the greater ease of an audio walk-through of the process.

The Time Machine Thought Experiment

You can consider this episode as a guided tour to your personal timeline and how to discover special achievements there as well as place new ones on it.

If you want to read more first, you can Click Here to go to the Time Machine section of the longer Thought Experiments post for more details.

This is not my video below, but it might be a good warm-up for the podcast...

Mental Training in Fitness and Lifestyle Management

In this episode, I also give some personal history that explains how Gregory Bateson*, Milton Erickson, Richard Bandler, and a US Olympic Team training Sports Psychologist all influenced the programming of a chain of personal fitness studios ... that were also the testing grounds for performance coaching methods that now also serve well for coaching-consulting for Strategic Thought Leadership.

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Written by Chris McNeil, Strategic Thought Leadership NLP Coach and Consultant, Founder of Thaut, host of Thought Leadership Studio podcast, and Creator of the Thaut Process of Strategic Thought Leadership.

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*Gregory Bateson introduced Richard Bandler and John Grinder- the co-founders of neuro-linguistic programming - to Dr. Milton Erickson. Dr. Erickson, also known as the "father of modern hypnotherapy", became one of the major early models of influence excellence for NLP.

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