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Training Your Creativity - The Abstract Sculpture Thought Experiment

Episode Sixteen: Strategic Thought Leadership includes leading people to new thinking. And, if it's truly new thinking, then it's coming from a place of creativity. The right thought experiments help access creativity.


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What this episode will do for you

  • Help you learn to use abstract visual thinking to stimulate unconscious creative processes.
  • Explore various methods of "inviting" inspiration in.
  • Start to intentionally practice synesthesia as a creativity technique.
  • Set the stage for new, powerful ideas for your thought leadership.

Train Your Creativity and Enhance Your Thought Leadership.

In the web notes for the episode "How to Build Your Inner Board of Advisors", I wrote, "Anyone starting to follow my work will quickly note the emphasis on what one might call the "Mind Game". One might ask what's the point.

"The point is that Strategic Thought Leadership includes leading people to new thinking. And, if it's truly new thinking, then it's coming from a place of creativity."

This podcast is all about helping you get to your most powerful creativity, using the thought experiment of the Abstract Sculpture.

To move from Insight to Impact, you need creative Inspiration.

The triple-perspective LEO Model is a helpful way of explaining the Thaut Process of Strategic Thought Leadership.

L= Listen to your audience to gain Insight into their high-level thinking.
E= Envision a new perspective for them using Inspiration to create a distinctive, robust Thought Leadership Position.
O= Output this well organized Thought Leadership Model through media to create Impact.

A bird needs 2 wings and a body to fly.

You could consider the Insight of discovering opportunities within the thinking of your audience and the Impact of a well-engineered campaign as the two wings of a bird. They have to work together to get the bird off the ground.

Yet Insight needs a connecting bridge of creative thinking to get to Impact. It is the Inspiration fueling a creative, new perspective that acts as the body, connecting the 2 wings so they function together for lift.

Inspiration might seem to have its own mind but it does respond to the right invitation.

Inviting Creative Inspiration and New Ideas.

There are some who say "you can't teach creativity".

In effect, you can, though. Since we are innately creative, it is a matter of setting up the right "climate" to invite creativity in. The hatching of our metaphorical bird's egg originates from life processes within the egg. But the egg won't hatch without an ideal environment such as an incubator could provide.

Since creativity comes from the unconscious mind, you use the conscious mind to create the incubator for the unconscious mind to do its best creative work.

Effectively passing an evolving idea back and forth between the conscious mind and unconscious mind is one of the key mental skills of eliciting creativity in general.

It is one of a core set of four thinking strategies of genius.

Thinking Strategies of Creative Geniuses

When using NLP to model how acknowledged geniuses generate, evolve, and execute ideas, some consistent patterns emerge:
  1. They access powerful, positive feeling states - states of excellence - and put them where they need them.
  2. They pass things back and forth between conscious and unconscious processing.
  3. They use multiple sensory systems.
  4. They take multiple perspectives.
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Triggering the Unconscious Mind's Creative Capacity

While all 4 of these thinking patterns of creative geniuses are important, the method we are focusing on now is aiming specifically at passing an idea to the unconscious mind so it can do its best work for you "behind the scenes".

The Abstract Sculpture Thought Experiment is a fun way to trigger unconscious creative processes.

The Abstract Sculpture: Using Abstract Visual Thinking to Stimulate Unconscious Creative Processes.

  • If you could see your current marketing, leadership or influence results as an abstract art sculpture, what would it look like?
  • How would it look different if it represented the ultimate result you are aiming for with your Strategic Thought Leadership - a higher level of achievement, and in audience terms - instead?
  • Spend some time contemplating this revised abstract sculpture in detail.
  • What new perspective or inner dialogue emerges when you return to thinking about the issue?
  • This can work with different sensory systems as well - try it with a piece of instrumental music or even a gourmet meal.
planting seeds
Click here for full instructions on the Abstract Sculpture Thought Experiment.

If thought experiments like the "Abstract Sculpture" exercise don't seem to come easily at first, consider that most people aren't used to thinking so far out of the box. If everyone practiced such mental training exercises, then they would all be bursting forth with great ideas and innovating regularly.

They aren't, as far as I can tell.

That is your opportunity, as you can.

Remember that this exercise plants seeds that can bear fruit later. Of course, you need to tend to the plants as they sprout so they flourish. Be on the lookout for great new ideas or maybe a new vision that seemingly comes from know where you get your best ideas? Places like the shower or on a long walk?

Such seemingly "mindless" activities keep the door open for the creative inspiration you are seeding.



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Written by Chris McNeil, Strategic Thought Leadership NLP Coach and Consultant, Founder of Thaut, host of Thought Leadership Studio podcast, and Creator of the Thaut Process of Strategic Thought Leadership.

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