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Three Ways Strategic Thought Leadership is Like Making a Movie

Episode Two: The 3-Eyed Lion and How Strategic Thought Leadership is Like Making a Movie


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A Triple Perspective Method of Strategic Thought Leadership

The 3 movie-making roles are:

  1. Audience Attunement: Listening for Insight from the perspective of an audience member.
  2. Thought Leadership Studio: Accessing Inspiration to Envision your Thought Leadership Model happens in the state of creative flow with expectation of success, described as "Thought Leadership Studio" and which is akin to taking the role of the screenplay writer.
  3. Mindshift Director: acting like the director of a movie to bring it to life. You do this by outputting the Thought Leadership in media and promoting it for Impact on the audience, leading to increased audience growth rate, loyalty, leads, and sales.

    1. Thought Leadership Studio
      So LEO the lion rears his head and roars 3 times with the acronym

      Listen | Envision | Output

      Thought Leadership Studio LEO model Listen Envision OutputAs you will discover, the lion also has three eyes... or, um, "i's". The modes also correspond to Insight, Inspiration, and Impact. We are all about the number 3 today. 3 is the number and the number is 3.
      Speaking of which, as per the funky 3-headed, curved arrow in the graphic above, you can enter the system either in Audience Attunement (taking the role of the audience member to Listen for Insight) or Thought Leadership Studio (taking the role of the screenplay writer to Envision a new Thought Leadership Position for the audience by accessing creative Inspiration.)

      Whichever of the two in trance points you take, the next step is to exit there and go next door to access its complement so you have both a clear origin and destination formed in your evolving model. Then you can leave to take your well-formed "Thought Leadership Path" to Mindshift Director (taking the role of the Movie Director to Output it as content and Impact the audience.)

      As the top line shows, after Outputting the thought-leading, perhaps provocative content from the Mindshift Director role, you move back to Audience Attunement to Listen again for feedback, taking any new Insights back into Thought Leadership Studio to creatively Envision yet more with this iterative process.

      Or, further Envisioning in the screenplay writer role of Thought Leadership Studio could provoke the need to Listen as the audience member in Audience Attunement - tuning your vision to best fulfill unmet audience higher values - ahead of taking newfound Thought Leadership Paths to Mindshift Director to Output in progressive stages of high level, high Impact positive influence.

      Note how I mentioned "taking" the evolving Thought Leadership model from mode to mode, as if they live in separate buildings. Well, maybe in a sense they should, because that is to allow each mode of thinking to expand completely without contamination from the others. Once each has done its job fully, then you take the work-in-progress, with that phase complete, to the next. Keep them well separated. Build fences, with hidden keys to the gates, if need be.

      And, yes, there is more to how this is done. There are further building blocks, and much is explained in the free Marketers Guide to Strategic Thought Leadership: link below.

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      Written by Chris McNeil, Strategic Thought Leadership NLP Coach and Consultant, Founder of Thaut, host of Thought Leadership Studio podcast, and Creator of the Thaut Process of Strategic Thought Leadership.

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